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Helping Companies That Deal In Fire, Water and Storm Damage

Trio Creative has been working with several companies who specialize in repairs and restorations of homes following such tragedies.  The ability to balance your work, insurance guidelines, municipality requirements and the emotions of your clients is a skill that not everyone has.

Whether it be fire, water or storm damage...let Trio Creative be of assitance in getting you the drawings you need for permit application and construction. 

Trio Creative will meet you onsite and then provide you with a Service Agreement within two business days.  This time allows for Trio Creative to contact the municipality to review the damage and determine the drawings that will be required.  The Service Agreement is typically a Fixed Price Agreement to complete drawings for permit submittal and then on rare occasions an hourly rate for additional site visits requested or drawing revisions requested by either your company, insurance, home owner or the municipality. 

There are municipalities that will allow you to utilize existing or in some cases master plans from original construction.  There are others that are requiring more and more some cases a full set of construction drawings including floor plans, elevations, framing plans and wall sections.

Feel free to contact Trio Creative by phone @ 636-627-8746 or the "Contact Trio Creative" page.

Jeremy Bertz - Peller Construction   314-843-5202
Scott Rosa -  Kehr Construction   314-803-7516

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