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Another Resource For Your Clients!

Trio Creative offers the chance for Realtors to provide an additional service to their clients.

Have you ever heard clients express thoughts like these?
I wonder what this house would look like with a new front porch cover?
I wish I could see what a finished basement might look like?
It would be great if this Kitchen layout was a bit different?
I wonder if this wall could be removed to make this one big room?
That basement column is really in the way...can it be moved?

Trio Creative offers an onsite consulting option for questions like these and others.  The consultation consists of a visit to the house to discuss the possibilities.  It might be your seller who is thinking about how they might improve prior to selling.  It might be your buyers who see a house and want to discuss changes they might make that would help make the house meet their needs.

Contact Trio Creative and we can work out the details for scheduling this consultation.  Consultation fees are $90.00/hr with a minumim 1 hour fee and time rounds up to the nearest 15 minutes.  Fees are due at the conclusion of the session.

The consultation consists of only the site visit, but your client can hire Trio Creative for additional services such as plans, elevations, concept sketches, etc...

Feel free to contact Trio Creative by phone @ 636-627-8746 or the "Contact Trio Creative" page.

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