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Let Trio Creative Help Design And Pair You With A Contractor!

Part I
I might want a fireplace...

Part II
Yes, I want a fireplace...gas with a stone surround.

Part III
Here is the model number and options selected.

First, let me say thank you for taking the time to visit Trio Creative!

If you have not done so already take some time and review the Gallery.

Below I have outlined the phases of design and documentation utilized by Trio Creative. 

Contact Trio Creative to review these if you have any questions!

Part I --- Preliminary Design

    The allows for initial meeting to explore project.
    Trio provides proposed Part I agreement and estimated Part II and Part III agreement values.
    With Acceptance of Part I agreement, Trio will measure & photograph existing house/spaces.
    The existing plans will be created in Chief Architect software.
    Proposed plans and concept sketch work completed for Preliminary Meeting.
    Trio Creative will meet with you to review the initial design work.
    At this point we would determine if project direction is clear to continue to Part II

    We may decide that we need to do a small amount of hourly work...
    We may decide to continue to Part II of agreements...
    We may decide to combine Part II and Part III together on less complex projects...

    ...if hourly --- We probably decided we wanted to clarify direction a bit or project is growing.
    ...if Part II --- Over direction is clear, but now we are working on some details.
    ...if Part II/III --- Clear direction and scope, so we move to getting ready for bidding/permits.

Part II --- Design Development

    In Part II we are looking to clarify some details within the project scope.
    An example -- In Part I we have determined a Kitchen and Bath layout / preliminary design.
    Now in Part II we are spending time with cabinet layout, appliances, counters, fixtures, etc...

    Another example -- In Part I the family room addition has large wall of glass.
    Now in Part II we spend time with window operations, sizes, materials, etc...

    *** Generally Part II is about getting more clear with project scope...those items that can have major impacts on budgets.  A good example would be a finished lower level --- Part I will work on overall spaces planning fir items like bars, theaters, fireplaces...In Part II Trio helps to guide decisions in material finishes and fixtures selections as they would relate to budget.  Gas Fireplace vs. Wood Burning Fireplace or Laminate Countertops vs. Granite Countertops.  Part III is were the selections are either made with Trio Creative and/or Contractor.

    You are now ready to decide if you send these out for bids.  Trio can assist in the process.
    You may already have a contractor...
    You may need to select a contractor...

    ...have contractor, they should be able to take this info and provide a project estimated budget.
    ...need contractor, you can continue to Part III and prepare documents for bidding...
    ...need contractor, Trio can recommend a Design/Build contractor to join team... Part III, wanting several bids from contractors --- Complete Drawings Recommended
    ...add Design/Build Contractor to team --- Preferred By Trio Creative...

    ...Trio recommends that choosing a contractor to work with us from this point makes for a project that goes more smoothly as many items are reviewed prior to construction start and construction drawings will now reflect more accurately the work to be completed.  If you would like to discuss contractor recommendations/selections further...please contact Trio Creative.

Part III --- Permit Drawings

    Part III completes the drawings for bidding / permit submittal.
    Some projects may require additional submittals for Zoning or Architectural Review Boards.
        We would determine this earlier in Part I / Part II as scope develops.
    The set now consists of additional drawings --- Electrical, Sections, Details, etc...
        Items the reviewers will want, but critical to original scope and material decisions.

Part IV --- Post Design Services  (as needed --- typically hourly)

    Additional requested drawings or details.
    Project site visits.
    Shop drawing review.

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